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blue coral miami swim week descalzo shows
We sat down with designer, Callista Gifford-DeHart aka Callie of Blue Coral Swimwear to get an inside look at the brand and what to expect at Swim Week.
DS: What inspired you to start Blue Coral and why swimwear?
CGD: It is was always a big dream of mine to own my own business, as well as creating things. As a child when my family and I went on vacation I was always so excited to wear a new swimsuit and cover up. When I moved to Delray Beach, FL. in 2012 it only increased my desire to design swimwear that was different then what was in stores. In 2014 I finally started planning my reality. I can honestly say that I am so passionate about my company, and providing swimwear women can feel and look great in.

blue coral swimwear miami swim week descalzo shows swim week

DS: What’s one thing that you wish more people knew about swimwear?
CGD: Swimwear can be a sensitive topic for many individuals because you show a lot more skin than other types of clothing. However, swimwear gives women the opportunity to go to the beach, pool, etc. to show off their unique style, and confidence in their bodies. Swimwear is truly an art.
DS: Besides being handmade, what makes Blue Coral unique?
CGD: Blue Coral Swimwear focuses on providing unique designs, as well as using high quality fabrics that you will feel extremely comfortable in. In the end Blue Coral believes that you make the swimsuit, not the other way around. Our great customer service will help you find what you are looking for, as well as answer any questions you may have about styles and sizing. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase and experience.

blue coral swimwear
blue coral swimwear

DS: What can buyers expect to see in your showcase this year?
GD: The 2018 swimwear collection is called “Summer Romance”. It’s a Summer Romance with yourself; feeling confident in your own skin, and wearing swimwear that makes you feel amazing. The collection will feature a variety of colors, as well as classic silhouettes with a modern twist that is sophisticated, but sexy.
DS: Name one celebrity that you wish to wear Blue Coral? 
CGD: Mindy Kaling because she seems like such a beautiful person inside and out. I absolutely love that she remains true to herself, and doesn’t change for anyone. She is a prime example of a confident empowering woman.
You can shop Blue Coral’s current collection here.

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