Advocacy and servant leadership are roads less traveled, and most times, there’s a story of something that happens in a woman’s life to nudge her towards looking out for others. Empatheia (meaning passion) is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, i.e., the capacity to place oneself in another’s position, and this is a core quality of the ideal Eido Woman as a result of her intrinsic awareness. The Eido Swimwear RS ‘19 collection is inspired by women given to service. These women do what they do with passion because they have the innate ability to feel deeply and move into action on behalf of others. It is a special gift anyone could have - a gift that keeps giving and one that can move our world forward.

Eido Swimwear’s Creative Director and Owner, Tayo Ishola solely hand-stiched every piece of resort wear within this collection, and swimsuits are handmade with love to honor and glorify women who move our world forward. The collection features feminine colors - pink, red, fuschia, and there’s a lot of shine to the pieces to signify passion, royalty, and light. The collection is very feminine, yet strong. As always, a pair of eyes are strategically placed on each bathing suit to signify the intrinsic awareness and discerning abilities of the Eido Woman.

It was important to bring on faces of the collection that embody Empatheia (passion) for the runway show at NYFW, women like Marsha Elle, a congenital amputee with an amazing voice and message, women like Claudia CC. Collazo, a fibromyalgia warrior and fitness trainer, women like Najma Ali and Amanda Beasley - an amazing ballerina. For every woman that is represented within this collection, together, we are Empatheia.

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