It was the abstract designs that attracted us to this brand. It was different, daring…and we love it. Happy to be showcasing KoKo D Swimwear, founded & designed by Tamara Cummings, KoKo D brings a taste of the Caribbean to the South Beaches this year in our show.

koko d swimwear miami swim week descalzo shows
koko d swimwear miami swim week descalzo shows
koko d swimwear miami swim week descalzo shows

1. What’s the name of your 2017 collection?
The name of the 2017 collection is called Tempo, in which came just came to me in the colors. The very tropical reds, greens, yellows just reminded me of a beat somewhere in a forest.

2. What inspired you to launch KoKo D Swimwear 

Since a child, I have always wanted to be a fashion designer. I went to school for fashion, have worked in the fashion industry my entire adult career, but my soul and artistic juices were screaming to do something else. This is where Koko D Swimwear was born; it came from my love of warm weather, beaches and travel.

3. What’s your spirit animal 
My spirit animal is an elephant, as weird as that may sound…but [it’s] their calm demeanor, big presence, loyalty, love, and compassion is a lot of my characteristics.

4. What can our audience expect at this year’s show?
They should always expect bright colors and fun, sexy prints and expect to see our most popular pieces from 2017 collection and a sneak peak of 2018.


koko d swimwear miami swim week descalzo shows

Tickets are now on sale, don’t miss your opportunity to meet designer, Tamara Cummings and to view this stunning collection on the runway.

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