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Miami Swim Week 2017 Recap

Thank you to all of our models, our designers, sponsors, and partners, we could not have done this without YOU. Can’t wait till next year!
Until then, save the date: July 14, 2018!

KoKo D Swimwear | Photography by: Beauty Story Studios

Blue Coral Swimwear | Photography by: Beauty Story Studios

Trefle Designs BVI | Photography by: Beauty Story Studios

Red Carpet Interviews with Dawn Del Russo


Mastectomy Lingerie & Swimwear

As if shopping for a bra wasn’t hard enough, getting the right fit, style, and thinking you were a 34B when really you’re a 36G – imagine shopping for a bra after a mastectomy or after surgery for implants. This is what thousands of women endure each year after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer and having surgery, the choice to have implants or remain bare. Regardless of the woman’s decision, the selection of recovery intimates and lingerie barely scrapes the surface of a multi-billion dollar lingerie industry and the options that are dominate, are ugly AF medical devices that doesn’t make any woman feel anymore sexier. mastectomy
As a fashion show producer specializing in luxury lingerie and swimwear and seeing many of my friends fight like a girl after being diagnosed, I quickly noticed that there was nothing for women that I was actually benefiting! That’s when I began to research with one question, “why not?” – well, my questions were given the most beautiful answers I could ever imagine, not only did I find lingerie and swimwear designed specifically for women who’ve had mastectomy and/or implants, but I found the women who’s journey inspired the creation for a line and ultimately dubbed – for survivors by survivors.
The first collection that I worked with, was with breast cancer survivor and designer, Dana Donofree of Ana Ono Intimates. Dana had launched her collection back in 2011 and by this time, 2014, things were really starting to pick up for. I love her slogan “Never Alone” – her promo video was a story of a woman who just had surgery and all the bras in her drawer just didn’t work, especially for those with lymphedema. Her brave, badass approach to opening up the eyes of not just breast cancer survivors, but to women in general. I never thought that after having surgery, you’d have to reconsider the style and in this case, brands, of bras that you’d purchase if any.

When I showcased AnaOno in my show in 2015 in Charlotte, NC, we had breast cancer survivors rock the collection. It was a powerful moment for everyone. We had given these women an opportunity to do something that they’ve never been able to do (model in a runway show) but also spreading Dana’s message of “[you’re]never alone”. The sisterhood formed between these ladies in less that 6 hours and the empowerment and strength that was given, was priceless.

Coming from down under, Aussie brand, Red Fern Lingerie is also a collection for post-mastectomy wear. Founded and designed by breast cancer survivor, Tina Douheli (who is also a speaker for the National Breast Cancer Foundation), Red Fern Lingerie is for sexy survivors. So many women who’ve had breast cancer, surgery, and have gone through the battle have lost their “sexiness”. The journey to recovery is so challenging – mentally and physically, Tina wanted to remind them that YOU ARE STILL BEAUTIFUL, YOU CAN STILL BE SEXY and here’s lingerie to prove it. Red Fern Lingerie is expected to expand into  swimwear, gym wear, body suits, maternity bras and sports bras in the future.

Last but not least, is Hulabelle Swimwear. Founded & designed by breast cancer survivor (and another Dana) Dana Dinerman. Based in Los Angeles, California, Dana’s story is while vacationing in Maui, Hawaii she needed a swimsuit that would cover the side affected by surgery and radiation but also wanted to look and feel great. Like others, no luck. So she took matters into her own hands, dug in tons of research and created swimwear for not just survivors but for any women looking for a suit to cover “all the right spots”.

mastectomy swimwear

I know there are several other brands, but these are just a few that I have worked with personally and know that they are truly designed by survivors and not a mass brand that just happens to have a mastectomy collection – there’s a difference. I hope to introduce more mastectomy brands to the lingerie and swim industry through my shows and relationships with buyers and boutique owners and ultimately show that “[we’re]never alone”.

Nomad Cosmetics | 2017 Partner

Ready for a new cosmetic company that will give your makeup looks a whole new element of amazing? Introducing Nomad Cosmetics, a fresh new cosmetic company that shows you beauty is found everywhere.

About the Company

Started by a husband-and-wife team in 2015, Nomad Cosmetics is influenced by three core ideas: exploration for beauty, passion for experiences and desire for authenticity. From traveling around the world, we have learned that amazing beauty is found everywhere. Inspired by this, we created Nomad Cosmetics to capture and highlight the beauty and local character of different destinations we love.

nomad cosmetics descalzo shows

What I love about this company is their creativity, quality and their goal to grasp the sense of a place and to bring to life in their products. By utilizing a lens of local identity, they aim to offer their customers so much more than just amazing makeup. With their products, you can discover a story and an experience, which is something I have never witnessed or experienced before with any makeup company.

nomad cosmetics descalzo shows
nomad cosmetics descalzo shows

I was able to test out two of the companies individual Intense Eyeshadows that are made with four times finer pigments and PureSource™ ingredients. All of the companies shadows are PETA certified and cruelty-free and vegan. I loved the pigments and how vibrant they were. The yellow eyeshadow was something I had never tried before (Yellow isn’t my favorite color) but I was pleasantly surprised on how it was able to compliment my skin tone and acted as a great base tone to the accented purple shade.
Nomad Cosmetics are affordable, selling a $12 each and 100% worth it! This make up is truly longlasting and will give your daily routine an upgrade. So, point blank, if you want to spice up your makeup routine you need to give Nomad Cosmetics a try.
Visit Nomad Cosmetics and get your beauty on today!
Check out some awesome looks on the Nomad Cosmetics Instagram!

Vibrant, Fierce, and Bold | Meet KoKo D

It was the abstract designs that attracted us to this brand. It was different, daring…and we love it. Happy to be showcasing KoKo D Swimwear, founded & designed by Tamara Cummings, KoKo D brings a taste of the Caribbean to the South Beaches this year in our show.

koko d swimwear miami swim week descalzo shows
koko d swimwear miami swim week descalzo shows
koko d swimwear miami swim week descalzo shows

1. What’s the name of your 2017 collection?
The name of the 2017 collection is called Tempo, in which came just came to me in the colors. The very tropical reds, greens, yellows just reminded me of a beat somewhere in a forest.

2. What inspired you to launch KoKo D Swimwear 

Since a child, I have always wanted to be a fashion designer. I went to school for fashion, have worked in the fashion industry my entire adult career, but my soul and artistic juices were screaming to do something else. This is where Koko D Swimwear was born; it came from my love of warm weather, beaches and travel.

3. What’s your spirit animal 
My spirit animal is an elephant, as weird as that may sound…but [it’s] their calm demeanor, big presence, loyalty, love, and compassion is a lot of my characteristics.

4. What can our audience expect at this year’s show?
They should always expect bright colors and fun, sexy prints and expect to see our most popular pieces from 2017 collection and a sneak peak of 2018.


koko d swimwear miami swim week descalzo shows

Tickets are now on sale, don’t miss your opportunity to meet designer, Tamara Cummings and to view this stunning collection on the runway.
Blue Coral
blue coral miami swim week descalzo shows
We sat down with designer, Callista Gifford-DeHart aka Callie of Blue Coral Swimwear to get an inside look at the brand and what to expect at Swim Week.
DS: What inspired you to start Blue Coral and why swimwear?
CGD: It is was always a big dream of mine to own my own business, as well as creating things. As a child when my family and I went on vacation I was always so excited to wear a new swimsuit and cover up. When I moved to Delray Beach, FL. in 2012 it only increased my desire to design swimwear that was different then what was in stores. In 2014 I finally started planning my reality. I can honestly say that I am so passionate about my company, and providing swimwear women can feel and look great in.

blue coral swimwear miami swim week descalzo shows swim week

DS: What’s one thing that you wish more people knew about swimwear?
CGD: Swimwear can be a sensitive topic for many individuals because you show a lot more skin than other types of clothing. However, swimwear gives women the opportunity to go to the beach, pool, etc. to show off their unique style, and confidence in their bodies. Swimwear is truly an art.
DS: Besides being handmade, what makes Blue Coral unique?
CGD: Blue Coral Swimwear focuses on providing unique designs, as well as using high quality fabrics that you will feel extremely comfortable in. In the end Blue Coral believes that you make the swimsuit, not the other way around. Our great customer service will help you find what you are looking for, as well as answer any questions you may have about styles and sizing. We want to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase and experience.

blue coral swimwear
blue coral swimwear

DS: What can buyers expect to see in your showcase this year?
GD: The 2018 swimwear collection is called “Summer Romance”. It’s a Summer Romance with yourself; feeling confident in your own skin, and wearing swimwear that makes you feel amazing. The collection will feature a variety of colors, as well as classic silhouettes with a modern twist that is sophisticated, but sexy.
DS: Name one celebrity that you wish to wear Blue Coral? 
CGD: Mindy Kaling because she seems like such a beautiful person inside and out. I absolutely love that she remains true to herself, and doesn’t change for anyone. She is a prime example of a confident empowering woman.
You can shop Blue Coral’s current collection here.
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