white girl sunscreen
Fun Fact: Skin is the human body’s largest organ. white girl sunscreen
It’s no secret that wearing sunscreen in the summer is important. However, wearing sunscreen during the year is extremely important too. As your skin is your body’s largest and most exposed organ, wearing sunscreen throughout the year helps to promote healthier and radiant looking skin your body will thank you for. So what’s the issue? Why don’t we all apply sunscreen year round? white girl sunscreen
 Paul Sebring white girl sunscreen descalzo shows
We can blame it on the lack of being educated on the issue, but frankly, we all learn at a young age how important it is to protect our skin from UV rays so my theory to this dilemma is simple: laziness. That’s right, we are all too lazy to save our skin. And though that might seem crazy because of all the potential health issues we know can come from not wearing sunscreen, it’s still true. I myself am a culprit of choosing the lazy path, which is why I decided to venture on another one and thanks to White Girl Sunscreen I was able to. white girl sunscreen white girl sunscreen white girl sunscreen 
About the Company
To give you some insight into the brand, White Girl Sunscreen is an East Coast based company with a West Coast flair that is on a mission to inspire everyone to look, live, and feel their best. The founders, Solongo Erdenekhuyag and Rachel Justis created this company with the purpose of creating.
white girl sunscreen descalzo shows
The White Girl Sunscreen Pouch
I received the White Girl Sunscreen Pouch try which sells for $14.99 online for a 100 (SPF30+) travel size pouch. It provides protection against UVA/UVB radiation and other environmental aggressors while restoring radiance for a beautiful, healthy, youthful glow. As it is formulated to defend, soothe, and repair all skin types- this sunscreen is even great for the most sensitive skin. In addition, this sunscreen is also alcohol-free (doesn’t extract from your spray tan), Gluten free and Paraben free.

 Paul Sebring white girl sunscreen descalzo shows

From my experience from using the White Girl Sunscreen Pouch, I did not have any breakouts or smudging like I have had using previous sunscreen brands so that was an immediate win for me. I enjoyed how this sunscreen had a fresh cucumber scent with its own unique formula, which was perfect because I used it on my face as a moisturizer before putting on my make up as well. Choosing to use this product during my morning makeup routine resulted in a refreshed and youthful feel and look before applying my “face” and honestly, made my makeup last longer. If you’re worried about white residue or greasiness, I found this product absorbs evenly into the skin, so you don’t have to worry!

Paul Sebring white girl sunscreen descalzo shows

Not sold yet? Another little-added bonus about the brand is that for every pouch purchased, a portion of the proceeds White Girl Sunscreen generates are directly donated to the Melanoma Research Foundation and the Save the Manatee Foundation! So not only can you save your skin, but you can help save other and wildlife.


White Girl Sunscreen is a best-kept beauty secret that everyone needs to know and is going to be your skins new best friend. Remember, preventing sun damage is much easier than repairing it; so give this sunscreen a try and start loving your healthy skin again.
Be sure to visit the White Girl Sunscreen website by clicking HERE!

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